Artist Creates Mirror to Help Youth Celebrate History

In honor of Black History Month, Luanga Nuwame, an Afro-Canadian artist, created a way to help youth cultivate a healthy self-image and learn more about history.

Nuwame’s mirror uses a cardboard design with a mirror as its focal point surrounded by 14 Black heroes of history.

“For the first time in recent history, you have kids with no school interactions… and many are questioning their potential future. From there, the idea for my Reflection of Black Excellence design just hit me.”

Some of the featured people include Martin Luther King, Jr., Bessie Coleman, George Dixon, and Rosa Parks. Nuwame noted each of these heroes “were once unsure and scared kids.”

By looking in the mirror, Nuwame hopes the children and teens will be inspired to see the best in themselves.

Nuwame said, “I hope it can inspire at least some kids to want to be just as great as the greats. Like all my work, I make everything by hand—just me, cardboard, glass, and a cutting blade in my home office.”

The mirror is mountable, uses six layers of industrial cardboard, and incorporates locally-sourced items.

The mirrors have two versions. The U.S. version features: Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and Jackie Robinson. The Canadian version features: Carrie Best, Elijah McCoy, and George Bonga.

Both feature an inspiring reminder printed at the bottom: Love Yourself Always.

The mirrors are priced at $49.99 and only 50 copies of each version are available. However, Nuwame said, “If the 50 copies are bought, I will definitely create another edition with other great Black History legends featured around the mirror. I want each edition to feature different faces. So, this idea will continue on for sure.”For more information visit HandmadeCardboardInnovations and celebrate the rich history of all members of the human family this black history month.

Source: Good News Network