Arkansas Doctor Forgives $650,000 of Debt

Dr. Omar Atiq Source: Good News Network

In a magnanimous act of generosity, the Arkansas Cancer Clinic forgave $650,000 of outstanding patient debt.

The Arkansas Cancer Clinic was founded by Dr. Omar Atiq in 1991. Despite being one of the worst diagnoses patients can receive, the Arkansas Cancer Clinic works to provide quality care to patients and families regardless of whether an individual can afford the treatment.

Dr. Atiq told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “I’ve always considered it a high honor and privilege to be someone’s physician—more important than anything else.”

At the time of the clinic’s closure, there was close to $650,000 outstanding patient debt on the books. When Dr. Atik sought redress for the debts, he realized that many of his patients and their families did not have the resources and in some cases were stretchedstretch thin because of the COVID-19 pandemic. After consultations with his wife, Mehreen, Dr. Atiq decided to stop asking.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Dr. Atiq stated, “My wife and I, as a family, we thought about it and looked at forgiving all the debt… We saw that we could do it and then just went ahead and did it.”

To help bring holiday cheer, Dr. Atik sent holiday cards to approximately 200 former patients that read:

“The Arkansas Cancer Clinic was proud to have you as a patient. Although various health insurances pay most of the bills for the majority of patients, even the deductibles and copays can be burdensome. The clinic has decided to forego all balances owed to the clinic by its patients.”

Even though he’s no longer treating his patients, Dr. Atik found one final way to practice some kindness and compassion on their behalf. He said, “I just hope that it gave them a little sigh of relief and made it easier for them so they could face other challenges they may be facing in their lives.”

Source: Good News Network