Arabic Pastors Hold Conference

Source: Baptist Press

Preachers from more than five states came together for the second annual Arabic Baptist Pastors’ Conference last February.

Sponsored by the San Antonio Baptist Association (SABA) and the SBTC, pastors from Ethiopia, Jordan, Egypt, with churches in California, Canada, Michigan, New York, Tennessee, Texas, and other states gathered to worship and network from Feb. 15 to 18.

“We want to work, connect, and partner with you to advance the gospel,” SABA Executive Director Dr. Darrell Horn told the Baptist Press.

Since its inception, the SABA has been committed to developing a network of Arabic pastors that would meet yearly to minister, equip, and serve each other. One of their primary focuses is figuring out how to reach the lost Arabic people groups in the U.S.

“Continue praying, preaching, and reaching because we are ambassadors of Christ. In spite of God appearing to Muslims in their dreams, he has not removed human agency from sharing the gospel,” said Dr. Bruno Molina, SBTC’s language and interfaith evangelism associate to the attendees of the conference.

“Nehemiah accepted his weaknesses, was moved to compassion, prayed, took action, knew that God can do supernatural things, and moved forward and shared with the king,” said Dr. Stephen Napier from Global Outreach International.

“We are here to serve the Arabic community, but don’t overwork yourselves thinking that you are a failure because you only visited 10 people per week.” Pastor Al Safadi encouraged attendees. “Spend time with God, start small, think of partnering with the English-speaking churches, spend time together with them, share your passion, develop relationships, find new opportunities to meet pastors from other cultures, reach out to the local Baptist associations, find people that are spiritually supportive to pray for you and for accountability, use technology, have a financial plan, and don’t work alone.”

Dr. Horn said they are planning to strengthen relationships among Arabic pastors by staying in touch through monthly Zoom meetings.

Source: Baptist Press