Americans are adopting a Green Lifestyle

New research suggests Americans are adopting a “green lifestyle.” A recent study found that 85% of Americans are making positive lifestyle changes because of increased ecological awareness.

31% of Americans are reducing their use of plastic

When participants were asked what caused them to shift their views, roughly half of those polled responded they were influenced by their friends and/or have encouraged their own friends to adopt more eco-friendly habits.  Perhaps most surprisingly was the revelation that 4 in 10 respondents stated they were making at least 1 environmental conscious decision a week with the most common decision being reducing the amount of food they waste. 

Further, when examining dietary trends of persons adopting more ecologically friendly habits, researchers found that two in three Americans are more conscious about eating sustainably sourced food.

37% of Americans stated they purchase food that is sustainably raised or produced.

Whether it’s 66% of Americans being concerned about protecting endangered species, or the adoption of “a green lifestyle”associated with growing concern about 42% of Americans turning off electronic devices when not in use, the changing behavioral patterns will have a major impact on our planet.

Source: Good News Network