Alumnus Gives 100 Scholarships

Source: United Methodist News

Cries of excitement could be heard when it was announced that 100 students at two United Methodist mission schools would be receiving scholarships to continue their education.

The scholarships are part of local businessman Isaiah Musabayana’s initiative to reinvest in his community. In the mid-1980s, Musabayana attended Munyarari Primary and Chinyauhwera High. Today he is a prominent owner of a fast-food business called Eat n’ Lick.

“I am unveiling a scholarship program for people who excel in their studies as part of my social corporate responsibility as I plow back into my community,” he said. “I am sponsoring outstanding pupils from the two schools to facilitate their education up to university level.”

Citing a lack of resources as the principal reason why many children do not reach their full potential, he is hoping his generosity will inspire others to help bridge that gap.

“It is my hope and wish that these scholarships will achieve their goals. In addition to primary and secondary student assistance, I will give full scholarships to enroll at any local university of choice for those who excel in their A-level final examinations,” Musabayana added.

“Let us be the change,” he said, “and change the world together. Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get.”

One of the beneficiaries of the scholarship is Bonyongwa Rememberence, 14, said, “My mother is struggling to pay school fees…We have to look for piece jobs to raise money for school fees and our welfare.” 

Thanks to Musabayana’s help, his tuition is paid in full.

Scholarship determinations are based on student midyear exam performance and are renewable if students are able to maintain their grades.

Another scholarship recipient, Theocracy Tasweranadzo, said, “My aim is to become a medical doctor. I am intelligent and have the confidence that I will make it. I am hardworking and focused, but my dream was hitting a hard rock due to lack of school fees.”

“My efforts paid dividends,” he said, “When I was one of the top three students in my class to be selected for the scholarship. I was very happy. What a sigh of relief! It was just like manna from heaven.” 

Musabayana hopes that he will be able to make the scholarships an annual part of the way he gives back to the community.

Source: United Methodist News