Air Force Veteran with Cancer Saves Family from Home Fire

A 70-year-old Air Force veteran Marshall Helm is the latest hero in the town of Salem, Illinois.

While walking his granddaughter to the bus stop early in the morning for school, the bus driver noticed smoke was rising from a home next door. Despite battling cancer, Helm ran over to the home, Helm opened the garage door and began climbing through the flames into the home to see if anyone was inside.

Gary and Kathy Benjamin were.  Awoken suddenly by Helm shouting fire, the couple aroused them, and the Benjamins and Helm were able to escape just minutes before the flames could block their pathway.

Thanks to Helm, the Benjamins suffered only minor smoke inhalation. Even though they lost their home to the fire, they are grateful to Helm for saving their lives.

Mr. Benjamin told the local news station KMOV, “Lifesaver—lifesaver is all I can say.” His wife added, “Hero, he’s our angel.”If you would like to help the Benjamins recover from the fire, you can donate to the GoFundMe campaign launched by their son Nicholas.

Source: Good News Network