African Immigrants Plant New Congregations

Source: Presbyterian Mission

In what has been called “mission in reverse,” immigrants from African countries are coming to the United States, and they are joining existing PC(USA) congregations and planting new ones. Some of our African church partners have also expressed an interest in sending missionaries to us, to help our denomination grow and thrive.

The Ghana Mission Network (GMN) started 20 years ago, largely as a forum for PC (USA) congregations and presbyteries engaging in missions in Ghana to come together and share experiences. Over the past several years, as it has welcomed more and more people into its midst, the network has been greatly enriched by “mission in reverse.”

Together with other pastors and members with roots in our African partners, they are actively helping to make the PC (USA) a denomination of vital congregations in which all of God’s children are welcome — a central focus of the Matthew 25 vision.

In years past, western churches sent missionaries around the world. While these efforts were far from perfect, partner churches took the message that missionaries brought them and shaped it to speak to their local cultures and histories. Today, vibrant and faithful churches have taken root, and these churches are now eager to share with us how they worship and live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

As reverse missions continue to grow as a trend it offers new opportunities for congregations to encounter the diversity of Christian practices as we seek to embody Christ’s beloved community – many member parts of a magnificent whole.

Source: Presbyterian Mission