Adult Books for Easter

Source: Living Lutheran

It’s not too late to discover devotional content to prepare you and your family for Easter. Checkout these reviews and have a happy Easter weekend.

The Three-Day Feast: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter

Gail Ramshaw’s book invites you into preserving this feast through her adventure of the ancient religious ceremony used in these three days. She guides readers through the words, songs and rituals used during these days, intermingling poetry, hymns and prayers throughout. At the end of each chapter, it ends with questions for reflection and dialogue, making this entry in the “Worship Matters Worship Studies” appropriate for individual study or group usage (Augsburg Fortress, 2004).

Praying the Catechism: Revised and Expanded Edition

Martin Luther’s Small Catechism inspired Donald W. Johnson to write this journal for daily prayer and meditation, which was initially published in 1995. Susan C. Johnson, national bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (and the author’s daughter) has revised and extended this work. Each of its 90 entries includes an excerpt from the catechism, a “Pause and Reflect” section and prayer prompts. Johnson’s desire is that the book will help you “explore your faith, intensify your prayer life and invigorate your relationship with God” (Augsburg Fortress, 2021).

This Risen Existence: The Spirit of EasterIf the rhythms and revelations of Lenten prayers appeal to you, The Risen Existence: The Spirit of Easter will help you continue your daily faith practice of reflecting on the season and growing faith. (Even if you didn’t make it through all six weeks of the Lenten content, this book is for you as well.) Author Paula Gooder has chosen several passages from Acts, Paul’s letters and other post-resurrection texts that invite readers into an Easter season voyage that will, in the author’s words, “help you find your own words about the resurrection and our life in Jesus the Christ” (Augsburg Fortress, 2015).

Source: Living Lutheran