Our Mission

Connecting with purpose.

FaithSocial connects you with people and resources that meet you right where you are in your faith journey.Our platform continually adapts, based on your preferences, to provide a highly personalized experience.

Our commitment is to provide a safe place for you to embrace and explore your faith. We deliver personalized and uplifting content free from profanity and vulgarity.

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About FaithSocial

FaithSocial is a brand new digital platform specifically designed to serve believers across the entire spectrum of Christian beliefs. As a FaithSocial member you can:

  • Connect with your family, friends, colleagues, and church community
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Share what’s on your mind and heart
  • Watch videos for inspiration, encouragement, and laughs
  • Listen to the latest Christian music or podcast
  • Participate in moderated discussions
  • Post prayer requests and pray for others
  • Study the Bible
  • Find a nearby church
  • Shop for faith-based products
  • Donate to your favorite causes
  • Follow faith leaders and people you admire.

While connecting you with other Christians in your town and across the globe, our revolutionary platform will deliver individualized content tailored to your unique views, interests and faith.