A reverend’s miracle: man’s sight restored after going blind 14 years ago

About 14 years ago, Rev. Philip Dunn of Valley Christian Assembly lost his eyesight due to macular degeneration.

the reverend was told he wouldn’t see the effects for possibly several years. However, Dunn began seeing black dots within a few months, a telltale sign of the progressive disease.

Despite the diagnosis, Dunn believed his sight would one day be restored. That belief became reality when another serious problem with Dunn’s eye turned into an unexpected blessing.


“The doctors did what they could. God did what they couldn’t.”


In August 2018, Dunn started experiencing a headache and severe pain in his left eye. According to the ABC-affiliated news station WCHS, one of Dunn’s cataracts had ruptured, which created the possibility of further damage to his optic nerve. Dunn needed surgery to remove the now dangerous cataract.

The next events were retold on the official Assemblies of God (AG) website to inspire others sharing the reverend’s faith.

According to the article, Dunn removed the patch over his swollen eye at home after surgery. To his surprise, he could see the dining room and even walked into the kitchen to see his wife for the first time in 14 years.

The surgeon also found no signs of the disease upon examination. Two weeks later, Dunn underwent a second surgery to remove the cataract in his right eye. That eye too regained its vision.

According to the AG article, Dunn was able to see his son-in-law and grandchildren for the first time. His previous blindness had affected his daughter, Sarah, especially when her dad couldn’t see her on her wedding day. Now, Dunn can play with and enjoy his grandchildren.

“The doctors did what they could. God did what they couldn’t,” Sarah said in the Assemblies of God article.

Right after the miracle cure, Dunn took a road trip to California, something he had been dreaming of doing for a long time, states WCHS.

The AG article pictures the reverend getting his driver’s license again at the DMV.

Reverend Dunn’s first sermon after the incident was about the blind man whom Jesus healed in the Bible.

Source: FOX News