New Initiative Promotes Theological Education

Source: Presbyterian Mission

New Presbyterian initiative strives to provide theological training opportunities in Latin America. The new initiative called REET and according to the organization’s website, REET is:

An academic space in formation, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, sponsored by some historical Protestant churches from the River Plate region: the Evangelical Church of River Plate; the Evangelical Waldensian Church of River Plate; the Evangelical Church of the Disciples of Christ, as founders; and as adherents the Anabaptist-Mennonite Church of Buenos Aires and the Evangelical United Lutheran Church.

The project aims to teach basic discipleship principles set forth in the Declaration of Commitment signed by the sponsoring churches:

· Service to God’s mission in the world, to the building of communities of faith and the realization of their public witness in societies. The theological and spiritual heritage of the Evangelical Reformation, approached from an ecumenical perspective.

· Critical thinking, including the gender perspective and the inclusive paradigm.

· The orientation to the reality and culture of Latin American communities and peoples in the global context.

· A clear commitment to the defense of human rights and the promotion of justice, peace and the ecological integrity of creation.

Through REET, churches have the opportunity to develop programs of study in a wide variety of areas that allow community’s to discover their role in God’s plan as the church, Protestantism

in particular, spreads across Latin America.

Long term, REET hopes to strengthen its partnership with colleges and universities that allow students in rural communities to have access to quality continuing education opportunities to better equip them in their respective context.

Source: Presbyterian Mission