Medical Mission Team Reaches War-Torn Ukraine

Source: Baptist Press

Winding down rural roads in jeeps, vans, and Humvees, a team of medical missionaries is offering help and hope to communities in some of the remotest parts of Ukraine. Dubbed the “caravan of hope” by passersby, the medical team is composed of doctors and volunteers from the United States and Ukraine.

Working for 5-7 hours daily at each of their stops, the International Mission Board sponsored team and teams like it have played a vital role in providing healthcare since the outbreak of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine in 2014. During the height of the conflict, many local businesses, clinics, and hospitals suspended services for fears of violence as combatants fought miles away from many communities.

This team that arrived in late November is a last-minute replacement for a team of volunteers. Many of the original doctors and nurses who planned to go in 2020 were unable to due to the COVID-19 global pandemic suspending most foreign travel.

Partnering with host congregations, the team (consisting of IMB missionaries, a Ukrainian doctor, a retired nurse, a volunteer paramedic and Ukrainian believers) arrives at a host church and works with the host to provide services to parishioners and neighbors in the surrounding community that the host church helped spread the new of the medical missionaries too.

Finding a place for all volunteers to be engaged, persons without medical backgrounds have been extremely helpful by volunteering at the eye class clinic and serving as translators.

According to the International Mission Board, the mobile clinics are part of an ongoing partnership between the United States and Ukraine funded by Send Relief and gifts given to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

Source: Baptist Press