9-year-old wanted new kidney for his Mom; prayers answered

A boy from Columbia who spent his Christmas helping others says his family has now been blessed in a huge way.

Back in November, News 19 shared the story of a 9-year-old in Columbia who wanted to make a difference in his community.


“She means my heart. I love her. I love her.”


Lentrell Myers collected toys for kids that are less fortunate in his school so they could have a great Christmas.

“They need to enjoy Christmas cause probably they’ve never had a Christmas,” said Myers back in November. “Their parents can’t afford much stuff so it’s my responsibility now to help them.”

While he was wanting to bless others, he was hoping his mother, who’s been on dialysis, would be blessed in a huge way.

“I really want God to heal her and make her revive and I want her to be a mom like she was back when I was little,” explained Myers.

Image: WLXT-TV

For two years Myers’ mother, Tineda Livingston, hasn’t been able to be the mother she’s wanted to be.

“It took a lot out of me to go to dialysis and come home and have the energy to be able to keep up with him,” said Livingston.

A couple of weeks ago, Livingston got the call her family had been praying for over two years. She would be getting a new kidney.

“Answered prayer,” said Livingston. “It’s been long for me but I knew that this day would come. It was like a fairytale. I couldn’t get myself together.”

Myers says it’s hard to describe how excited he was that his dream had come true.

“I was hit with emotion. I was crying. I was so happy for my mother,” said Myers.

Livingston is happy to be on the road to recovery but no one could be happier than Lentrell.

“She means a lot to me,” said the nine-year-old. “She means my heart. I love her. I love her.”

Carolyn Hargrove, Tineda’s mother and Lentrell’s grandmother, says her grandson has set an example that blessing others comes full-circle.

“Just hold on and trust God’s unchanging hands. This little nine-year-old is my inspiration. He inspires me now daily,” explained Hargrove.

Livingston says she’s more blessed than you know.

“I’m able to be a full-time mom, grandmother, and I can just live life to the fullest.”

Lentrell says although his prayers have been answered he won’t stop giving.

He’s planning on starting early this year collecting toys to make sure kids in his community has the best Christmas ever.

Source: WCNC-TV