9-year-old and her friends have raised nearly $100,000 for African American-owned businesses

In light of the current protests in support of Black Lives Matter, people are showing additional support for African American business owners.

Former NFL player Ron Johnson’s daughter, Kamryn Johnson and five of her friends started selling bracelets and since May 31st they have been able to raise almost $100,000. “She made over $800 the first day,” her dad told WCCO news.

The group of friends, named “Kamryn & Friends: Bracelets For Unity & Justice.”, agreed that the proceeds would be donated to businesses and food banks in Minneapolis.

Kamryn Johnson and her friends | (Courtesy of Jamie Stoia)

“Day after day, we’re having impactful conversations with so many people,” , “So many of our community members have come by to drop off supplies, or just talk about things like racism and injustice, stuff that we don’t talk about very often,” Ron Johnson said.

To donate to Kamryn Johnson’s cause, you can direct it to Ron on the app Venmo. Just look up @RonJohnJr3, and label the donation “Restore Minneapolis” or “Bracelet.”

Source: CNN