Teen Saves Friend’s Life Using Newly Learned CPR

CPR certification is a vital teachable skill set that hopefully, you never have to use.

Aware of the benefits of CPR, the St. Petersburg, Florida teen Torri’ell Norwood registered to receive the CPR training. While driving with some friends, the teens were involved in a car wreck. Upon the force of the impact, the teens barrelled into a neighbor’s yard.

Shaken but still able to walk, Norwood and her friends began limping to safety. However, as they started walking they noticed A’zarria Simmons was still in the car.

“When I turned around, I didn’t see A’zarria running with us,” Norwood told CNN. “So, I had to run back to the car as fast as I could. She was just sitting there unresponsive.”

After pulling her friend from the car, Norwood checked her vital signs. When she was unable to detect a pulse, she immediately started the CPR techniques she had learned less than a week ago.

Norris administered 30 compressions and two rescue breaths before Simmons regained consciousness. Shortly thereafter paramedics arrived and transported Simmons to a nearby Florida hospital.

When Simmons woke up in the hospital, she didn’t recall the accident, but she expressed gratitude to her friend for helping to save her life.

Source: CNN