Christian Rehab Facility Celebrates 10th Anniversary

On March 25, 2021, Renewal Ranch celebrated its 10th anniversary as a Christian drug abuse prevention and rehabilitation center for men. Found in 2011 by Southern Baptist congregations in rural Arkansas, Renewal Ranch uses a Christian therapeutic approach that allows men to recover physically while receiving spiritual enrichment. This has led to a 60% long-term success – 4-5% higher than the national average for non-Bible based centers.

Under the leadership of James Loy, the current Executive Director, the 117-acre facility outside Conway, Arkansas has successfully helped more than 350 men graduate from its program. The program is so successful that the center receives more than 300 applications annually for its 31 beds from more than 18 states.

Loy knows firsthand the impact recoveries have on families and communities. A former addict himself, Loy said, “In 2005, I was broken and just at the end of myself. I’d been to 13 different rehabs. Some of them I’d paid $50,000 for a 28-day stay in rehab three different times.”

Emphasizing the importance of the biblical component of their program, he continued, “We do what we do here at Renewal Ranch—myself, my staff—to make disciples that make disciples. And we believe that the fruit that’s coming forth from the ministry is attributed to the God that we serve.”

Engaging residents in Bible studies, congregational support groups, and worshipful opportunities, Renewal Ranch hopes to not just help graduates become drug free but also have a deeper relationship with Christ.

According to Loy, all of the staff at the ranch have “incredible testimonies” that motivate their work. Loy, himself, fell into addiction as an 18-year-old after watching his mother and father die of cancer.

“That set me on quite a journey after losing my mother,” Loy said. “My addiction took me further than I wanted to go and kept me there a lot longer than I wanted to stay, and it certainly cost me a lot more than I wanted to pay.”

Charged with more than 100 misdemeanors and 40 plus felony charges during his addiction, Loy was pardoned by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe. Grateful for the opportunity to start over, for the past 23 years, Loy has been clean.

An ordained minister at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Batesville, Ark., Loy described the fight against addiction as a frontline battle with eternal consequences that needs the support of the local church.

“There are so many churches that play an integral part in helping us on a monthly basis,” Loy said. 

Grateful for the support that he has received over the years, Loy and his team are optimistic about Renewal Ranch’s future and can’t wait to see what joys recovery will bring to the men they are blessed to serve.

Source: Baptist Standard