8-Year-Old Saves Sister from Choking

Like many 8-year-olds, Jaxson Dempsey loves wrestling. His favorite wrestler? John Cena. 

One day when Jaxson realized his 20-month-old sister, Lelia, was choking on a chicken nugget, instead of panicking, he instructed his dad to pull over. Once stopped, Jaxson performed the Heimlich maneuver on his sister.

Jaxson learned the Heimlich maneuver from watching WWE superstar John Cena on an episode of The Substitutes – a Nickelodeon television series.

Jaxson’s father, Matt Dempsey, said, “I couldn’t hear her because she was choking. She wasn’t coughing; she wasn’t panicking. She just had no air going through; she wasn’t breathing. Thank God Jaxson was there because, without him, I don’t know if Lelia would be here.”

Learning about the incident and Jaxson’s motivation, John Cena called Jaxson to personally congratulate him with a big “Well done!” 

“I heard a story about you, and it really touched my heart,” Cena said. “A story that in a time of crisis, you were brave enough to take action… Usually, when bad things happen, one of the toughest things for all of us to do is to take action. You jumped right in, helped out the best you could. [By] doing so, you saved your sister’s life. I really want to say thank you for being you, Jaxson. Thank you for being an inspiration; thank you from all of us.”

In addition to Cena’s tribute, on March 31, Jaxson’s hometown of Hazleton, Pennsylvania gave him a parade that included more than a dozen fire trucks, sirens blaring and lights blazing.

Jaxson said he loves his sister and just glad he was able to help.

Source: Today Show