8-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Breaks Girl Scout Cookie Record

At age 8, Lilly Bumpus of San Bernardino, California has broken the record for selling the most Girl Scout cookies in a single season.

Bumpus shattered the previous record of 26,086 by selling 32,484 boxes of cookies. In addition to the cookies ‘edible goodness,’ Bumpus, a “brownie” level scout, promised to donate the boxes to charities that focus on childhood cancer research and feeding homeless communities.

A cancer survivor of Ewing’s sarcoma, Lilly’s family established the Team Lilly Foundation to help kids battling cancer.

Lilly’s mother, Trish Bauer said, “She showed our community and the world it’s more than just buying cookies or buying a product.”

During the last week of the Girl Scout cookie season, Lilly worked 11 straight hours in one day to sell 500 boxes of cookies. Bauer explained that boxes purchased by online patrons ranged from Canada to Italy.

Way to go, Lilly!

Source: Fox News