12-Year Carves Bats to Help Families Affected by Windstorm

Tommy Rhombery Source: Good News Network

In response to a major windstorm that hit his community in Iowa, 12-year old Tommy Rhomberg created a unique fundraiser to help struggling families hit a home run.

The idea emerged when Tommy wanted to make a baseball bat for his friend’s upcoming birthday. Why not a homemade baseball bat?

Tommy told CBS News, “We didn’t have, like, any damage [to our home], but just driving around town there were people with half their house destroyed, and I just wanted to raise money so we could help them.” 

Tommy presented the bat to his friend and named the bat, “The Great Derecho.” Afterwards, Tommy found himself being asked by others to make them baseball bats, too.

This led Tommy to consider; What if he repurposed fallen tree limbs from the storm and turned them into bats for sale to help families raise money for families affected by the storm?

To date, Tommy has carved 1,500 bats in his free time and raised $2,500.

Source: Good News Network