American Parents Are Using ‘Back-to-School’ to Promote Healthier Eating

During this year of major transitions caused by COVID-19, 7 in 10 American parents say they are radically changing their approach to their children’s lunches and snacks, according to a new survey.

Half of the parents surveyed stated they are using “back to school” as a tool to help their children return to eating healthier.  In the study, researchers survey 2,000 parents of American school aged children asking them a range of questions about how they are responding as parents to the unique challenges of the pandemic as children return to the classroom (whether in-person or virtually.)

78% of parents this year plan on pre-planning their children’s snacks and lunch to help bring a sense of normalcy to their children’s school days.  Half of parents surveyed responded that their children would have better choices at home than they would in school; and 72% say their children eat healthier when at home.

Popular snacks these parents are considering include granola bars (36%), trail mix (34%), hummus (33%), and veggie chips (33%).

Jason Levin of Sabra said, “Many are seeking to reduce sugar intake and boost plant-based food consumption and stocking up on fruits, nuts and quick, kid-friendly foods like hummus.”

“We’ve teamed with plant-based TikTok sensation Tabitha Brown who took over our social platforms to share easy, kid-friendly recipes to help rescue those ‘lunch ladies’ at home,” continued Levine.

Additionally, as parents seek to add structure to their children’s day, 53% of parents reported maintaining structure for their children helps them to be better behaved, 69% said their kids are more focused, and 48% said they tend to sleep better.

Source: Good News Network