Wisconsin Farmer Plants Sunflowers to Make People Smile

To help bring a smile to a community coping with COVID-19 and ravaged by social unrest following the police shooting of an unarmed African American male, one Wisconsin native decided to plant two million sunflowers.

Scott Thompson, the owner of Thompson Strawberry Farm, is a fourth generation farmer from Kenosha County, Wisconsin.  Thompson invited guests to take a tour of the Strawberry Farm for the nominal price of $25 per car group, take pictures, take a dozen flowers with them, and have a relaxing day.

Thompson observed in remarks to the Patch, this year persons are coming everywhere ranging from Milwaukee to Chicago.

“A lot of people are saying, ‘We just needed to get out of the city and come out to a place where I could take my mask off for a couple of hours.’”

Thompson’s goal is simple: he wants people to smile and enjoy a beautiful day.

It’s not too late to smile. Sunflower season will last through the end of September, meaning there’s still enough time to enjoy Thompson Strawberry Farm, relax, take pictures, and enjoy the sunflowers yourself.

Source: Good News Feed