74-Year-Old Releases Debut Gospel Album

Dorcas Muranda, a member of St. Paul United Methodist Church in Harare, Zimbabwe. Source: United Methodist News

After working for more than four decades as a caregiver for children with disabilities, Dorcas Muranda is now looking forward to sharing her musical gifts with the world.

The 74-year-old from Harare, Zimbabwe recently launched her debut gospel album, “Dombo ndiJesu” (“Jesus Is the Rock”). A member of St. Paul United Methodist Church in Harare, said that despite the many obstacles and challenges she has faced, God blessed her music ministry.

“My life is a testimony of God’s grace,” she said. “The journey has not been easy, but the hand of the Lord was always with me; hence, the name ‘Jesus Is the Rock.’ Many people are searching for help to face life battles, and this album encourages people to deepen their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, especially in this current COVID-19 pandemic.”

The album features nine tracks that combine messages of hope, prayers, and counsel. Zimbabwe East Conference associate music director, Robert Kaisi, described the album as “inspired” and “original.”

“It is a message from God to us to remain connected to him in these trying times,” said Kaisi. “She sings with all her mind focused on the message, making the music more appealing to those who listen to it.”

The Rev. Thomas Muhomba, Muranda’s former pastor, told her “God has gifted you with the strength and ability to shine when there is darkness and I have seen you shine in every moment, even when there was darkness around you.”

Muranda hopes that her album will help individuals suffering during the pandemic experience the light of Christ and spread the gospel.

Source: United Methodist News