5-Year Hikes Appalachian Trail

Harvey Sutton celebrating hiking the Appalachian Trail. Source: Associated Press

“Little Man” Harvey Sutton doesn’t have long to celebrate his accomplishment as being one of the youngest people to hike the Appalachian Trail – after all, he starts Kindergarten this fall.

The 5-year-old’s accomplishment makes him one of the youngest people to complete the 2,100 miles trail, tagging along with his parents.

Occupying his days checking out frogs, lizards and other wildlife, when he got tired, his parents gave him a power snack: Skittles and peanut but tortillas for energy.

Commenting on the 209 day hike, Harvey’s mother, Cassie Sutton, said, “It gave us [the family] a bond and a strength that we hadn’t realized before.” Harvey’s father noted that working to keep his son occupied helped him deal with the fatigue and physical pain because they were focused on ensuring that he had a good time.

4-years-old when the hike began back in January, Harvey turned 5 last month as he prepares to embark on his next great adventure…school. This makes Harvey a few months younger than “Buddy Backpacker,” the youngest person on record to complete the trail back in 2013, according to the Suttons.

After some digging though records, Harvey might be slightly eclipsed by another 4-year-old Juniper Netteburg, who hiked the trail at age 4, wearing a Wonder Woman costume with her parents and three siblings in October 2020.

Whether the youngest on record or not, Harvey will have quite the first day of classes telling his peers about his summer exploits as he starts a new school year.

Source: Associated Press