14-year-old credits God for surviving lightning strike

There’s a one in 700,000 chance a year that you’ll be struck by lightning.

Ah’laya Scriven was the one on Saturday as storms passed through Aiken County, South

“They said people, when they get hit, they normally don’t survive,” Scriven said.


“I feel like God — He watched over me and he made sure that I stayed okay.”


The 14-year-old lived to tell the tale of the time she got struck by lightning.

Scriven says she saw a bolt of lightning and it struck her window. She was inside on her bed when she says lightning hit her.

Storms took out power on Horse Creek Road. Scriven she was in her bedroom near the window. She went to grab her phone when she says she was zapped.

“I said, ‘I can’t feel my arm, and if I move my arm it hurts. My body doesn’t feel right,’” Scriven said.

Scriven spent the night at the hospital while doctors ran test after test. They couldn’t believe that she was okay.

“They said this is the first time in a long, long time that this has happened,” Scriven said.

Her only injury, oddly enough not on her arm, but was an exit wound on her backside. However, she says she still has some chest pain from where the bolt went through her.

“I feel like God — He watched over me and he made sure that I stayed okay,” Scriven said. “Normally when people get hit they can die from it and they can’t get brought back. I feel lucky that I was able to tell my story.”

Doctors told her she’s expected to make a full recovery, which is very rare. Ten percent of lightning victims die and 70 percent suffer long-term issues.

Source: WLTX