110-year-old woman credits her longevity to faith in God

The year Elizabeth Francis was born, the Oval Office was built, the NAACP was formed, Cadillac joined General Motors and the life expectancy for an American woman was shy of 54 years.

Francis was born in Louisiana in 1909. The Houstonian celebrated her 110th birthday on Saturday.


“Blessing of the Lord. He’s the one keeping me. That’s why I’m living.”


Francis gets emotional talking about the house full of family and friends who came to celebrate her and her longevity. A life possible because of her faith, she says.

“Blessing of the Lord. He’s the one keeping me. That’s why I’m living,” said Francis.



Francis is still sharp, has her memory, and is relatively healthy for a woman who’s seen six generations of change.

“It’s really special because she’s been able to watch and see all of her grandchildren grow up and be a part of their lives,” said Ethel Harrison, Francis’ granddaughter.

Her family is grateful for her wisdom, the stories she shares and her smile. It wasn’t just family celebrating her, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner paid Francis a visit too.

She says it was the perfect way to begin the next century plus ten.

Source: ABC11