102-year-old woman credits God for her longevity

One hundred-two years ago Woodrow Wilson was in the White House. Since then, a lot has changed. From living through the Great Depression, World War Two, the moon landing, and the fall of the Berlin Wall, Rosa McKie has seen it all.

While Ms. Rosa has lived through enough history, she could be making history herself. She just may be the oldest Zumba participant in the world.


“I just love the Lord and I love everybody. Everybody. I don’t see nobody that I hate.”


“If you got to heaven and if you are looking for her and she is not there you would not assume and don’t assume that she’s in some other place down there. Just ask an angel where’s the other heaven because there must be two,” said Ms. Rosa’s daughter Diana McKie-Robinson.

For more than 100 years Rosa McKie has always been on the move. She’s turning 102-years-old July 27th.

“She’s probably one of the oldest people in this area who is as active as she is,” said Diana.

What’s the secret to living so long?

Ms. Rosa responded, “There’s no secret. It’s God.”


Ms. Rosa is an Edgefield native but spent most of her life in Brooklyn working as a seamstress. She moved back to Augusta, Georgia in 2017.

“This is a new town. New people. Everything is more better now. I can see there’s more love,” said

Ms. Rosa still sews, knits, dances and lends a helping hand when needed.

Diana explained, “If I wanted to move something, she’d be right there trying to help me move the refrigerator and I have to tell her no.”

“Down through the years, I’ve met all kinds of people good and bad but I always look at the good side of things,” said Ms. Rosa.

Whatever Ms. Rosa is doing in life, she says it would not be possible without God.

She said, “I thank God for each breath that I’m breathing and each step that I take.”

“If someone said what would be her occupation if she could do it all over again, a nun,” said Diana.

“I just love the Lord and I love everybody. Everybody. I don’t see nobody that I hate,” said Ms. Rosa

Do you love me?

Ms. Rosa responded, “Very much!”

Source: WJBF