10 Year Old Walks 1700 Miles to Give Grandmother a Hug

Source: Good News Network

During the past  six months, the pandemic has made it challenging to visit loved ones and family members due to local and national restrictions.

However, despite these challenges, 10-year-old Romeo Cox decided he wanted to hug his 77-year-old grandmother.  Undaunted by 1,700 mile distance between them he decided to travel from his hometown in the U.K. to Sicily.

Cox told The Times of London, “I hadn’t seen Granny for a year and a half, so [during lockdown] I planned in secret to go see her.”

After asking his parents more than 50 times, they relented to his plans for a hike from Britain to Italy with a few boat rides in between. On June 20, he began the journey with his father, Phil Cox, a veteran journalist and filmmaker with experience covering war zones. They hiked through Italy, Switzerland, and France, spending many nights under the stars.

They had to fight off dogs, fatigue, and sore feet.  During their trip, they befriended a wild donkey and even stopped to volunteer at a refugee camp in Northern Calais.

In addition to visiting his grandmother, Cox’s hike helped raise more for a cause that he is passionate about, refugee children. Cox told Metro News, “He walked even further than I have on this trip, but without food and water and in fear. He was risking his life. He helped me when I came to Sicily, and so I wanted to help him and other vulnerable children in return.”

During the trip, Romeo raised approximately £14,000 in donations for the Refugee Education Across Conflicts Trust, well within sight of his £15,000 goal.

On September 21, the pair reached London’s Trafalgar Square where they spent the requisite two weeks in quarantine before being permitted to continue to Grandma Rosemary’s home.

Cox remarked to Metro News, “I’m feeling tired now—like an old 100-year-old man, but it was so fun.”

When his grandmother’s house finally came into sight, Romeo raced toward her house.  Romeo’s grandmother had difficulty wrapping her head around everything Romeo had accomplished during his hike.  She admitted, “I didn’t believe my grandson’s incredible journey at first.”

However, despite her surprise she said, “Children can inspire us and lift us all up. On behalf of all the grannies in all the world, I want to thank Romeo—as well and hug him and kiss him lots.”

Source: Good News Network